For Marc Jacobs, sharing—like, really sharing—has always been second nature. In the age of social media, the 58-year-old designer keeps nothing close to the chest…and a facelift is no exception. Last week, Jacobs caused a stir on Instagram when he uploaded a selfie of himself post-op, his head wrapped in bandages and flanked by blood-filled drainage tubes. His caption—”#LiveLoveLift”—was met with much enthusiasm in the comment section, with many praising his honesty, openness, and sense of humor around going under the knife.

Of course, while Jacobs’s 1.6 million followers are used to seeing him share the ins and outs of his daily life on Instagram, there’s something quite extraordinary about anyone, let alone someone of Jacobs’s stature, pulling back the curtains on their plastic surgery—and in real time, no less.

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