Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), a nonprofit that combats sex trafficking and exploitation, announces a partnership with Face Forward International, a nonprofit that provides pro-bono reconstructive surgeries and emotional support services to survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and other cruel acts, aiding in their recovery to help maintain overall health and well-being.

“The only way we will be successful in the fight to end sex trafficking and exploitation is if we work together with other like-minded organizations. As part of this incredible and unique partnership, O.U.R. will maintain our focus on the emotional healing of a survivor while Face Forward International can focus on the physical healing. This personalized care allows us to meet the individual needs of survivors of human trafficking and exploitation so that they can recover and thrive.”

— Tim Ballard, Founder of O.U.R.

Work Together to ID Survivors

O.U.R. and Face Forward International will work together to identify survivors in need of assistance. Once a survivor is identified, Face Forward’s team of surgeons and specialists will assist with the needed surgical treatment and counseling services through its network of medical professionals, overseen by Dr. David Alessi, Co-Founder, and primary surgical provider for the charity. O.U.R. will provide airfare to bring the survivor and an additional family member or guardian to Los Angeles for their medical treatments.

“We often find we are the missing piece of the jigsaw, when it comes to survivor aftercare services. By partnering with other non-profits like O.U.R., we are able to reach even more survivors from around the world and find we are often the final piece of their healing journey. We are able to help remove the physical scars that are a constant reminder of the abuse they have survived, leaving them feeling confident and doing great things with their lives as thriving survivors and advocates for others.” 

— Deborah Alessi, CEO/Founder of Face Forward International

O.U.R. is already working to help six women who are sex trafficking and exploitation survivors – four survivors from Latin America, and two survivors from Africa who will come to Los Angeles to receive treatment from Face Forward in the coming months.

[Source(s): Operation Underground Railroad, PR Newswire]