The transconjunctival mid-facelift is safe, effective and makes patients happy, according to a new study in the August issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

The procedure, developed by Julius Few, MD, founder of The Few Institute in Chicago, involves going through the inside of the lower eyelid instead of cutting the skin.

In the study of 124 patients who had a transconjunctival mid-facelift from 2002 to 2009, there were no significant complications seen after an average of 13-months follow-up. “It’s proven to be a viable technique for people who desire the results of surgery, but who don’t want to go all the way with a full facelift,” says Few.

The procedure is readily applicable and more “forgiving” than the traditional midface lift, he says. That said, patients with excessive skin redundancy or festoons should be treated with more traditional techniques.