Engage Aesthetics, a division of Boise, Idaho-based Engage Technologies Group, Inc., is launching the first phase of its latest Aesthetics Library procedure video series, which is designed for both plastic surgeons and nonsurgical providers.

Each procedure-specific campaign series walks the patient through the whole process, from the moment they book a consultation appointment to the final post-op checkup and at-home recovery. This service combines expert education with short-form videos delivered to the patient’s phone at their height of interest and time of need. All of this is achieved without the need for any patient to download an app, use email, or create a password, according to company officials.

Engage Aesthetics has tapped into the vital moments in an aesthetic patient’s individual journey to empathize, educate, and empower their decisions. “Engage Aesthetics is a game-changing ingredient for those of us delivering the highest quality aesthetic outcomes for our patients, says W. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS, Engage Chief medical information officer and board member. “The Engage Aesthetics team has created a new level of patient education and empowerment. I was honored to help collaborate on the patient journey and offer my expertise for the educational content.”

Engage Aesthetics helps plastic surgeons, minimally invasive providers, and staff meet their patients in their exact moment of need, company officails say. The short videos provide valuable information about what to expect, the type of decisions that will need to be made, and instructions for pre- and post-op care. Each video is texted to the patient at the exact moment they need it, with one click of a button.

Patients can access the videos with a “ScanText” QR code, or the practice can initiate the journey with a simple web form or through PMS (Practice Management Software) integration. The content helps soothe anxiety, boost compliance, and manage expectations. 

Phase one of this white-label library release includes pre-consultation, pre-op, and post-op campaigns for breast augmentation, mastopexy, revision, as well as nonsurgical procedures for neuromodulators and dermal fillers. Practices can purchase the entire library or just the nonsurgical options with a simple monthly subscription. 

According to Michael Boerner, founder and CEO of Engage, “We have been honored to work with some of the leading industry experts, like Dr. Grant StevensDr. Jennifer HarringtonDr. Francisco “Paco” CanalesDr. Brad Calobrace, and Dr. A. Jay Burns, in creating our content. Their expertise is invaluable in helping craft the comprehensive patient journey. We are thrilled to release this first phase of our library and can’t wait to measure how it improves patient experiences and practice interactions.”