Dr Sanusi Umar offers the UPunch Curl, a tool designed for patients of African descent or those with tightly curled hair who wish to undergo follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair-restoration surgery.

Previously, such patients, when seeking linear scar-free FUE hair transplants, had to undergo pre-testing only to be turned away by hair transplant surgeons using the traditional methods.

The hair graft damage rate for FUE on Afro-textured hair (tight curly hair, texture, and tissue characteristics) can be as high as 80%. Thus many hair restoration surgeons offer individuals of African descent only hair transplant methods that leave a linear scar, explains a media release from Dr Sanusi Umar.

The UPunch Curl tool, on the other hand, is designed to accommodate the curliness in the patients’ hair, and no pre-testing is required. Instead, it allows FUE from individual hair follicles rather than from a removed strip of tissue.

“Patients with tightly curled hair are not a homogenous group,” Umar notes in the release. “This breakthrough points the way to a universal approach in FUE for people with tightly curled hair regardless of their Geo-ethnic background.”

All of the the 18 participants who participated in a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—Global Open experienced 100% success with their FUE procedure. In addition, most of the patients demonstrated a graft damage rate of less than 5%, according to the release.

The UPunch Curl is part of Umar’s patented UGraft equipment used in FUE hair transplant surgery.

[Source(s): Dr Sanusi Umar, PR Newswire, PRWeb]