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Many moms don’t want or need a full mommy makeover, but that’s not to say that there aren’t little things
that they can do to help them feel better about themselves.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Plastic Surgery Practice talked to some leading cosmetic surgeons about what they offer the multitude of moms who are looking for minor touch-ups. From Botox and fillers to nipple reductions, and C-section scar revisions, here’s what they had to say:


 Baxter opt

“Other than a good night’s sleep, my recommended go-to is Botox. It takes only a few minutes to do, and in addition to reducing worry lines, I think it actually helps alleviate stress. There have been studies on this. It seems to interrupt a sort of feedback loop that relates the expression of worry to the actual experience of feeling stressed.”

Richard Baxter, MD
Plastic surgeon






Dr Ann Taylor opt

“I see lots of moms who just need a C-section scar revision—not a full tummy tuck, just the scar itself. This is a small thing we can do in the office operating room — take out the old scar and make it flat and pretty!

“Another smaller thing some mommies need is a nipple reduction. In other words, the kiddos did too good of a job! The nipple reduction can be done in the office treatment room, and the nipple plumping can be done with filler with great results. 

“Another treat for moms—older moms and grandmothers—is filler in the ear lobule to keep the earrings in place.”

Ann Taylor, MD
Plastic surgeon
Columbus, Ohio





ehrlich opt

“The moms I know are busy, and their schedule doesn’t accommodate significant downtime or a complicated care regimen. My go-to treatment is a small syringe of hyaluronic acid filler to the cupids bow. It’s quick, affordable, and an immediate self-esteem booster. Best of all, as soon as they leave the office, they can go home and kiss their partner and children with their enhanced, natural, and sexy lips.”

Mike Ehrlich, MD
Oculoplastic surgeon
Danbury, Conn



Jeff Epstein opt

“My quick pick-me-ups are Sculptra and upper lip lifts.”

Jeffrey Epstein, MD
Facial plastic surgeon




woodward-10 opt 

“I have a lot of mommy friends that are also my patients. I would say their first procedure of choice is fillers—usually hyaluronic acid. They like neuromodulators as well, but replacing the volume loss in their face is the first thing that has an immediate ‘wow!’ factor with them. They are also very interested in starting a routine skin care program often with tretinoin, antioxidants, and pigment correctors. Next would come IPL for photo facials. I think that the ‘mommy’ crowd isn’t quite ready for ablative procedures or skin tightening yet. Those would be the older or college kid mommies.”

Julie Woodward, MD
Oculoplastic surgeon
Durham, NC




Ron M. Shelton opt

 “I suggest a quick invigorating tightening Pellevé radio frequency session with no downtime and a Fraxel Clear and Brilliant laser with minimal flaking and redness to help even out the mottled brown spots of photoaging. TNS Essential Serum can help plump up the skin, making fine lines and pores look better temporarily.”

Ron Shelton, MD
New York City

Sadick headshot Labcoa opt crop “Laser Genesis, which helps with improving skin tone, stimulates new collagen and tightens pores and offers little to no downtime.”

Neil Sadick, MD
New York City