The first-ever American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Regenerative Medicine Summit will take place on March 14-17, 2013, in Miami.

More than 125 plastic surgeons, physicians, industry and scientific experts are expected at the inaugural symposium of ASPS’ newly formed Regenerative Medicine Task Force. Plastic Surgery Practice‘s entire October 2012 issue was devoted to the promise and possibilties of regenerative medicine.

“Regenerative medicine holds great promise for the future of medicine, offering a world of possibilities,” says Englewood, NJ-based plastic surgeon Richard D’Amico, MD, ASPS Regenerative Medicine Task Force chair and summit co-chair, in a news release. “This area of medicine has the potential to create a huge shift in the way we see the aging population, impacting both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. It is the future of medicine.”

Topics slated to be presented at the summit will include:

— Adult (fat derived) stem cell therapies
— External energy sources to induce scarless healing
— Tissue and bone engineering for craniofacial defects
— Regenerative biomaterials to replace tissue, bone, organs in both
aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
— Peripheral nerve regeneration
— Allogeneic (donated) tissue, tissue transplantation, and tissue
— State of the art fat grafting for facial rejuvenation, breast
augmentation and reconstruction
— Improving fat grafting outcomes through processing and additives

For more information on the ASPS Regenerative Medicine Summit, click here.