When my dermatologist told me I needed to start “integrating some anti-aging elements into my routine” three years ago, I came very close to trying to physically harm her. But I did what she said, and am now very grateful that I did. So recently, when I found out that “anti-aging lip care” is a thing (thanks, Vogue.com), my initial reaction was: OMG, I’m three years too late and now my lips are going to get old before the rest of my face does. Thankfully, there are things you can do to protect your lips from signs of aging.

First things first: What exactly does “lip aging” look like? “As we age our lips are becoming thinner and with more lines,” says Dr. Marko Lens of Zelens Skincare. “Contours are becoming non well-defined and lips tend to be more dry. Our lips are becoming more susceptible to UV damage and thus there is an increase risk in developing skin cancer on the lips as we age.”

… Now do you see why I was so freaked out?!