ALPHAEON CEO polls ShoutMD community on PSP.

ALPHAEON CEO polls ShoutMD community on PSP.

Close to 80% of plastic surgeons read Plastic Surgery Practice magazine, according to an unofficial poll on ShoutMD.

In an effort to showcase the new technology, ALPHAEON CEO Robert E. Grant launched the poll during an ALPHAEON media event in New York City, and the results were instantaneous.

ALPHAEON’s ShoutMD platform gives voice to physicians and allows them to share ideas with one another, and provide input on ALPHAEON’s many ventures. ShoutMD doctors can accrue points based on how many shout outs they contribute.

The PSP poll question received 96 views, 60 responses, 8 likes, and 23 followers. Overall, 78.8% read PSP, and 21.2% do not. The question was directed toward plastic surgeons only, not other specialists who are part of the ShoutMD community.

The ShoutMD free app can is available for download here.