Buccal fat removal—where the the buccal fat pad of the cheeks is removed, resulting in a chiseled, cat-like look—is one of the hottest trends in facial plastic surgery. But could young recipients later have regrets? The Daily Beast investigates.

“The surgery has been around for many years, but with the advent of social media, I think it’s really seen a resurgence and popularity,” plastic surgeon Dr. Ira Savetsky, author of the 2021 study The Role of the Buccal Fat Pad in Facial Aesthetic Surgery, told The Daily Beast. “The reason why buccal fat pad removal is so popular is because the jawline has become really popular. Everyone wants a snatched jawline, that’s what the kids are saying these days.”

“Patients who feel like they’re viewed as ‘too young’ or ‘unserious’ because of their childlike large cheeks enjoy the new contours of their face after their procedure,” Gotham Plastic Surgery’s website reads

Men represent approximately a quarter of prospective patients interested in buccal fat removal, Dr. Richard Swift, an NYC-based plastic surgeon, told The Daily Beast. “I’ve had guys who want to have more defined faces, I’ve had models come and see me,” Dr. Swift said. “Someone said that they were not getting roles because they had facial fullness, and they wanted to be more competitive.”

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