Outcomes data from studies using TransFORM Body Treatment and Regenerating Skin Nectar in conjunction with non-surgical body contouring procedures and cosmetic surgery were presented recently at the 2019 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists (SPSSCS) meetings.

Dr Alan Widgerow MBBCh (MD); MMed (MHS); FCS, FACS, and Dr Laurie Casas MD, FACS of Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Chicago, presented results at the ASAPS meeting.

Michael Sheehan, PA-C of Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery presented results at the SPSSCS meeting.

A media release from ALASTIN Skincare Inc provides a synopsis of the presentations:

Presentation: “Non-Surgical Fat Reduction and Topical Modulation of Adipose Tissue Physiology” with Dr. Alan Widgerow
Dr Widgerow presented the science and studies behind TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology. TransFORM Body Treatment incorporates Hexapeptide-11 into a LipoDRONE delivery system designed to accentuate results from fat reduction procedures. ALASTIN’s TransFORM Body product has also been shown to provide benefits as a stand-alone treatment to reduce crepiness and sagging of the skin.

In a randomized, double-blind, comparator-controlled study to assess the efficacy of TransFORM Body Treatment compared to a bland moisturizer, 11 subjects were randomized to receive TransFORM Body Treatment on one arm and the comparator on the other arm, post cryolipolysis. Of the 11 patients assessed, contour and laxity consistently improved to a greater extent in the TransFORM Body Treatment group with the difference in contour peaking at the 8-week period and maintaining the difference at the 24-week period.

Presentations: “Topical Tripeptide and Hexapeptide (TriHex Technology) Uses in Improving Recovery and Results Following Cosmetic Non-Surgical and Surgical Body Contouring Procedures” and “Accelerated Healing and Improved Recovery Outcomes Post Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures in a Prospective Consecutive Series of Patients Using a Topical Treatment with Tripeptide and Hexapeptide (TriHex Technology),” presented by Dr Laurie Casas
Dr Casas presented an examination of healing and recovery outcomes for cosmetic surgery and non-surgical body contouring procedures utilizing two novel topical treatments which incorporate Tripeptide and Hexapeptide (TriHex Technology). The study examined 15 consecutive patients who received 59 body contouring procedures and were also treated with topical TransFORM Body Treatment and Regenerating Skin Nectar, compared to 14 consecutive patients evaluated who also underwent 59 body contouring procedures without the topical treatment.

Patients using TransFORM Body Treatment and Regenerating Skin Nectar pre-conditioned their skin for 2 weeks prior to the body contouring procedures, and continued application post-procedure. In all procedural categories, patients appeared to have an improved experience and recovery in the group treated with the TriHex Technology products.

“TransFORM Body Treatment has significantly improved post-procedure results for my patients. We have seen accelerated healing time and an improvement in overall patient experience in a significant way,” Casas says.

Presentation: “Tripeptide and Hexapeptide Combination Used to Improve Procedure Outcomes” with Mr Michael Sheehan at the 2019 SPSSCS meeting
Mr Sheehan presented a case study series demonstrating improved outcomes when using Regenerating Skin Nectar for pre and post skin care in tandem with micro-focused ultrasound or 1540 fractional laser treatments. Additionally, Mr Sheehan presented on the science and clinical use of TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology after non-invasive body contouring procedures. He discussed the improved patient experiences and associated results when adding TransFORM Body Treatment to the practice regimen of Dr Laurie Casas.