EMSCULPT technology manufacturer BTL announces the launch of the EMSELLA applicator with up to 2.5 Tesla to treat all forms of male and female urinary incontinence.

Building upon the existing clearances for the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and calves, the new EMSELLA applicator makes EMSCULPT the first system to treat the whole core; and provide patients with a holistic solution to strengthening their pelvic floor, BTL notes in a media release.

“Since launching EMSCULPT in 2018, we’ve seen growing demand from physicians and patients to combine our two innovative and beloved treatments for a complete solution for the whole core,” John Ferris, VP of US Marketing, of BTL, shares in the release. “Patients coming for muscle toning are often ideal candidates for pelvic floor treatment.”

The EMSELLA applicator is specially designed to restore neuromuscular control and rehabilitation of weak pelvic muscles.

“A 2007 study in The Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy concluded over 65% of women who suffer from abdominal separation have a pelvic floor disorder, so we know that there was a need to provide a solution for the whole core,” shared Carolyn Delucia, MD.

“We can safely infer that using EMSCULPT to treat abdominal separation will complement the EMSELLA treatment. What this all means is that we can take a full-scale surgical mommy makeover, which costs a lot and involve a fair amount of risk, and reduce much of it to two non-invasive treatments that will be much less risky and much less expensive,” Delucia adds. “In addition, the patients who underwent Core to Floor therapy, showed a significant increase in quality of life and often reverted back to activities, like exercising, that that they had forgone prior to treatment.”

For the best results, four 28-minute non-invasive treatments over the course of two weeks are recommended, BTL advises.

[Source(s): BTL, PR Newswire]