To obtain the desired aesthetic outcomes from plastic surgery procedures, it is imperative that physicians have a good understanding of the postoperative products to provide or prescribe to help their patients recover safely and heal quickly. The products featured here will help your patients during their journey to recovery.

Lipo in a Box

Lipo In a Box Phase2­wear™ features Stage 2 compression wear available in briefs, midthigh and  ca­pri lengths, high-waist styles, and bodysuits without underwires. Many seamless or minimal-seam styles are available, depending on the patient’s specific procedure and needs. The garments are available in sizes XS to 2X and in either nude or black.

For more information, contact Connie Elder International LLC, PO Box 290219, Nashville, TN 37229-0219; (866) 547-6269;

Contemporary Design

Consultation garments by Con­tempo­rary Design are made with a machine-washable, wrinkle-free fabric and feature a graceful design that al­lows accessibility yet maintains pa­tient dignity. The garments are available in two styles: a full-length gown or a shorter camisole. The gowns come in different colors and may be personalized with custom embroidery.

For additional information, contact Contemporary Design Inc, PO Box 3637, Palmer, PA 18043; (800) 330-6300; www.contemporary

GlyMed Plus

Physician Elite Rx Arnica+ by GlyMed Plus provides speedy recovery to skin trauma by reducing postoperative inflammation. Arnica+ contains natural arnica montana oil and arnica extract to heal bruises, fade scars, and decrease edema in as little as three fourths of the normal wound-healing time. The healing cream is also fortified with beta-glucan, an immune booster, and amino acids necessary for healthy cell proliferation. Antioxidants and a blend of organic compounds promote circulation, stimulate white blood cells, and support the barrier-repair function.

For additional information, contact GlyMed Plus Inc, 235 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT 84660; (801) 798-0390;

Enzymes Inc

InflammEnz by Enzymes Inc is a high-potency enzyme supplement that shortens healing time by nearly 20% after facelift, lipoplasty, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and breast-augmentation procedures. The supplement contains bromelain with pHysioProtease™, a proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes; and includes vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and rutin and grape-seed extracts—flavonoids that reduce swelling and bruising. InflammEnz is given to the patient as soon as he or she is able to ingest water.

For additional information, contact Enzymes Inc, 8500 NW River Park Dr, Suite 227, Parkville, MO 64152; (800) 637-7893;

Bio Med Sciences

Bio Med Sciences offers Oleeva® Scar Shapes, pieces of self-adhesive silicone sheeting designed for the management of scars following breast or abdominal surgery procedures. Breast Forms come as two separate pieces, en­suring proper placement and full coverage for all breast sizes. AP-Curves are designed for abdom­i­no­plasty patients and are ideal for use under surgical garments or ordinary clothing. Scar Shapes contain no messy gels or pastes. The outer surface is covered with a silky fabric for optimal comfort, while the inside is made of Silon, used around the world for the treatment of burn scars.

For additional information, contact Bio Med Sciences Inc, 7584 Morris Court, Suite 218, Allentown, PA 18106; (800) 25-SILON;

Physicians Complex

Physicians Complex® Bruise Cream helps improve the appearance of postoperative bruises. It contains arnica and emu oils, and it may be used with all aesthetic surgery procedures, including liposuction, body contouring, sclerotherapy, collagen, and botulinum toxin Type A injections.

For additional information, contact Cos­med Inc, 3883 Rogers Bridge Rd, Suite 302-B, Duluth, GA 30097; (800) 826-4480.

ESBA Laboratories

ESBA Laboratories offers Topicaine® topical anesthetic, which contains 4% lidocaine in a microemulsion gel along with skin-permeation enhancers and soothing agents. The clear, nonoily gel is easy to clean up after use. A 5% concentration is available, with labeling indication for anorectal use. Three sizes are available, packaged in child-resistant containers. No prescription is required, and shipping is free for orders above $100.

For additional information, contact ESBA Laboratories Inc, 1001 Jupiter Park Dr, Suite 112, Jupiter FL 33458; (800) 677-9299;

CosMedical Technologies

Vitamin K Crème by CosMedical Technologies is a therapeutic, fast-absorbing cream that strengthens the capillary walls of the blood vessels and helps minimize bruising, redness, and inflammation following surgeries, laser procedures, and injectable treatments. The cream contains moisture-binding glycerin and squalene, which are known for their antioxidant and immune-system-boosting properties. The vitamin K formula may be used around the eyes and on any other area of the body that may bruise from a surgical or noninvasive laser procedure.

For additional information, contact CosMedical Technologies, 4700 SW 51st St, Suite 212, Davie, FL 33314; (800) 275-DOCS; www.cosmedical

Universal Companies

Universal Companies offers the Professional Heat Pack for the full back. It measures 22 inches long x 15 inches wide, and it covers the torso or back for total body warmth. The heat pack has a comfortable texture that relaxes the muscles. Each pack contains natural ingredients and emits hot analgesic moisture to relieve sore muscles.

For additional information, contact Uni­versal Companies, 18260 Oak Park Dr, Abingdon, VA 24210; (800) 558-5571;

Arizant Healthcare

The Bair Paws gown by Arizant Healthcare offers perioperative comfort warming and clinical warming for extremity procedures. A handheld controller  al­lows pa­tients to adjust their thermal comfort. When patients maintain their own thermal comfort, nurses can spend less time retrieving warmed cotton blankets and more time on other patient-care matters. The Bair Paws gown can also be used anytime a patient gown is needed.

For additional information, contact Arizant Healthcare Inc, 10393 W 70th St, Eden Prairie, MN 55344; (800) 800-4346;


VitaMedica introduces the Surgery Program and Healing Supplements Program to its surgery-supplement line. Both are preoperative and postoperative nutritional supplement systems for aesthetic surgery patients. The supplements provide nutrients that support internal wound and skin care by enhancing the body’s natural repair and healing mechanisms. Along with the surgery supplements, VitaMedica also offers the brochure A Guide to Ensure Surgical Safety to inform patients about the supplements they should discontinue taking during the preoperative period.

For more information, contact VitaMedica Inc, 1140 Highland Ave, Suite 196, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266; (888) 367-8605;


Talsyn™-CI/bid scar cream by MedElite is a lipid–peptide compound developed to manage new and old scars, skin lacerations, abrasions, burns, surgical incisions, keloids, and hypertrophic scars. It facilitates healing and improves the appearance, redness, and tensile strength of scars in as little as 2–4 weeks. With its proprietary, patent-pending blend of ingredients, the cream penetrates deeply into the skin, stimulating the synthesis of new collagen, which is vital to wound healing. Other ingredients provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and botanical nutrients help the skin repair itself so that it closely resembles its original condition. The pleasant-smelling cream does not stain clothing or bedding.

For additional information, contact MedElite Inc, 304 Diamond Dr, Newtown, PA 18940; (800) 862-6107;


ProCyte offers the Fraxa­min™ One Perfect Face Healing System™ to facilitate quick recovery following fractional photo­thermolysis or other similarly gentle resurfacing treatments. The kit in­cludes postprocedure products that provide a complete skin-care regimen, ensuring an optimally well-hydrated postprocedure healing environment rich in nutrients. Fraxamin Healing System with GHK Copper Peptide Complex® may be used for postprocedure recovery.

For additional information, contact ProCyte Corp, 8511 154th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052-3557; (888) 966-1010;

McKinley Medical

The Accu­fuser postoperative pain-control pump by McKinley Medical enables plastic surgeons to manage their patients’ pain and reduce the need for narcotics. The disposable balloon in­fuser pump de­livers continuous local anesthetic directly to the surgical site and provides pain relief for up to 5 days. For personalized pain control, patients can press the pump’s bolus-dose button for additional non-narcotic medication. The McKinley Saturation Catheter™ features a pattern of tiny fluid-conduction holes that deliver a uniform flow of anesthetic. The pump is easy to set up, is lightweight, and fits in a fanny pack.

For additional information, contact McKinley Medical LLC, 4080 Youngfield St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033; (800) 578-0555;

Medico International

Medico Inter­na­tion­al introduces postoperative sports bras to provide the necessary support and comfort for patients after surgery. The bras are available with a hook- and-eye closure or the newly designed zipper-front closure. They are made from 100% cotton, are machine-washable, and are available in black or white.

For additional information, contact Medico International Inc, PO Box 3092, Palmer, PA 18043-3092; (877) 411-7009;

Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers

Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers offers compression sleeves to be worn after liposuction of the upper arm. The sleeves fit comfortably around the shoulders and down the arms to the midforearm, and they feature the same fabric used in the company’s other garments. The sleeves are available in small, medium, large, and extra large. Sizing is determined by the diameter of the upper arm; the remainder of the sleeve is adjustable to all sizes.

For additional information, contact Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers Inc, 1316 Rockbridge Rd, Suite J, Stone Mountain, GA 30087; (800) 525-7752; www.cosmetic


Biopelle offers Auriderm® Clarifying Gel, which minimizes the appearance of bruises and accelerates aesthetic surgery outcomes so that patients can quickly return to their normal routines. Auriderm contains vitamin K oxide encapsulated in nanosomes (phospholipid spheres) that mimic skin lipids, allowing the vitamin to be delivered to the stratum corneum.

For additional information, contact Biopelle, 780 W Eight Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220; (866) 424-6735;