Last week, MedSurge Advances, Dallas, stated that it has launched more than one fourth of the 915 medical spas that exist in the United States.

MedSurge claims that since 2002, it has launched 228 medical spas and has provided assistance to more than 350 physicians how have entered the field of aesthetic medicine.

The company reports that more than 90% of MedSurge Advances-supported spas have been financially successful.

“I sometimes hear about medical spas that have failed. Failures do happen—but in virtually every case, they can be avoided,” says Scott Day, founder and chairman of MedSurge Advances. “When medical spas fail, it is generally because the physician owner is ill-prepared to market and manage a retail practice. In many cases, the doctor believes that running a medical spa is easier than it actually is.”

Source: MedSurge Advances; July 26