According to the company, the EMSCULPT NEO, a versatile, single solution that simultaneously melts fat while building muscles, also provides inclusivity to most body types.

Today, BTL announced the launch of EMSCULPT NEO, the first FDA-cleared procedure to eliminate fat cells non-invasively, by combining specially designed radio frequency heating and high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves into a single therapy.

Normally, two standalone procedures are needed to treat both fat and muscle, but now with EMSCULPT NEO this single solution simultaneously melts fat while building muscles. As such, it is a faster, more economical and more efficacious solution than combining multiple procedures. EMSCULPT NEO is a versatile solution that provides inclusivity to most body types; patients up to a BMI of 35 can successfully experience this treatment and its results. 

“There are a great number of benefits that customers will reap after using EMSCULPT NEO. This is a result of us combining the technologies of radio frequency heating to burn fat, and high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves to build muscle,” said Ron Borsheim, BTL vice president of product development. “Heating the muscles while burning fat allows for synergistic effects that result in more fat reduction and muscle growth than any single gold standard procedure. We are thrilled about the results of seven new clinical studies that show an average of 30% fat reduction and/or 25% increase in muscle mass.”

For best results, four treatments are recommended over the course of 4 weeks.

“While clients are visiting offices for treatments, we are still living in uncertain times, so we know that treatments need to be quick, efficient and worth their time,” said John Ferris, BTL vice president of U.S. marketing. “EMSCULPT NEO ensures that the client’s expectations are exceeded with the results, due to its 2-in-1 solution of burning fat and building muscle at once.”

David J. Goldberg, MD, JD of the Schweigerderm Group shared a similar sentiment when he stated, “It is less time consuming and offers more bang for the buck—with better results. This is the next dimension in body contouring.” Carolyn Jacob, MD, of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology added: “There was a rapid, very measurable, noticeable reduction in fat with an increase in the muscle thickness, and these changes are much better than what we would get alone.”