Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, director of the Aesthetic Facial Surgery Institute of New York and New Jersey, has developed a custom nasal “S” implant, to help preserve the ethnic look of African Americans and members of other non-European ethnic groups.

Compared to other nasal implants on the marker today, the “S” implant is designed to augment the nasal frontal angle and dorsum of the nasal bone.

Slupchynskyj recently completed a retrospective study using his “S”  implant to evaluate the satisfaction of African American patients with nasal dorsal augmentation. His statistics showed that:

• Patients were seeking not to change ethnicity, but achieve facial harmony;

• The majority of patients felt an increase in self-esteem postsurgically, along with a significant preservation of ethnic characteristics.

Slupchynskyj detailed his ethnic rhinoplasty procedures in the September 2005 issue of Plastic Surgery Products. To read his article, visit www.PlasticSurgeryProductsonline.com and click on “Archives.”

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