CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & PALO ALTO, Calif.–(Business Wire)–
The global market for cosmeceuticals (cosmetics offering health benefits) is
growing nearly twice as fast as the overall cosmetics and toiletries market.
However, in order to sustain such rapid growth, manufacturers and brand owners
must fill a relentless demand for new ingredient concepts in a context of
changing government regulations, market dynamics and cultural trends.

So said Harry Glorikian, managing partner of the management consulting firm
Scientia Advisors, based on a global study of the cosmeceutical industry
released today.

Scientia Advisors is a management consulting firm specializing in growth
strategies for major and emerging companies in life science fields, worldwide.

Cosmeceuticals are personal care products that go beyond cosmetics by providing
an added health benefit –such as UV skin protection, wrinkle or acne reduction,
or hair or skin moisturizing-but do not claim a therapeutic effect.
Cosmeceuticals are also known as biofunctional materials, dermaceuticals,
functional cosmetics, performance cosmetics, active cosmetics, and

In its study, Scientia found that:

* Skin care is the largest and fastest growing cosmeceutical sub segment —
driven mainly by anti-aging products designed to meet the demands of an aging
population, worldwide.
* Europe and Asia-Pacific account for over 70% of the worldwide cosmeceutical
market. The greatest growth, across all sub segments, is in emerging economies
such as those of China, Latin America, Russia and India, which are experiencing
new marketing trends and products, an aging population, increasing wealth and
consumer power.
* While most sales are in channels such as supermarkets and pharmacies, most
growth is in high end specialty stores and professional establishments such as
salons, medi-spas and dermatology offices. Direct sales in homes and online are
fueling growth in emerging markets.
* The price differential for increased "functional" health claims can be as high
as 2600% per unit within the same brand.
* Increased demand for cosmeceuticals has led to the emergence of a "masstige"
market. Mass brands are commanding higher price point as they add benefits;
premium brands are being sold at more accessible/affordable retail outlets.

The review, based on extensive primary and secondary research and proprietary
analytic methods, is available on Scientia’s Web site at

It was funded by Scientia itself. "Our studies allow us to provide strategic
advice that is deeper, more defensible and more expansive than may be offered
elsewhere," Glorikian said. "We are pleased to share our insights with clients
and prospective clients and welcome discussion of potential strategic guidance."

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