It’s almost summertime, which means you will want get outside and enjoy some much needed Vitamin D. However, for eczema sufferers, the season is rife with skin concerns that can diminish all the outdoor fun.

From scaly, red patches on the body to unbearable itching and discomfort, eczema, or atopic dermatitis, can affect everything from your summer wardrobe to activity level.

Here are a few triggers to be aware of before you hit the tennis courts or beach this summer – and some simple solutions to get you back in the game:

Trigger: Allergens. Spring can bring feelings of newness, but it also ushers in spring allergies that can cause itchy, irritated skin. Along with dust mites and animal dander, allergens were reported as a top eczema trigger by more then half of people in a survey sponsored by PuraCap Pharmaceutical.

Treatment: If you have seasonal allergies, start taking your antihistamines just before the season begins to prepare your body in advance for the onslaught. Be sure to ask your doctor for advice.

Trigger: Stress. The PuraCap Pharmaceutical survey also found that over 64% of adults cited stress as another trigger of their eczema.

Treatment: Get your sweat on. Get out and go for a run, try a beach yoga class or check yourself in for a relaxing massage. Do whatever makes you feel good to alleviate stress – and adverse skin reactions.

Treatment: Swimming. Chemicals found in pools and salt water tend to exacerbate eczema symptoms.

Treatment: You can do more than just dip your toes as long as before and after swimming you rinse your skin and apply a product like EpiCeram, an FDA-approved topical prescription cream indicated to manage eczema or atopic dermatitis. EpiCeram is formulated with essential lipids to help repair the skin’s barrier and help keep skin at a healthy pH.

EpiCeram is only available by prescription; Consult your physician or dermatologist to find out if EpiCeram is right for you.

[Source: Kelz PR]