ModiFace Inc, of Toronto, has announced the launch of online plastic surgery visualization tool,, which allows users to visualize the effects of various procedures, such as body contouring, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation.

According to the company, ReShapr allows both surgeons and prospective patients to make fully controllable, precise changes to the face and body of an uploaded photo. With each visualization procedure, a final report is generated, which can be sent electronically to an e-mail destination.

"As with any visualization tool, ReShapr is meant to be only for illustrative purposes; to answer those ‘what-if’ questions and to give someone an idea of what they may look like after a certain procedure," said Lisa Leung, director of operations at ModiFace.

ModiFace’s other visualization Web sites include, an online facial anti-aging visualization tool, and, a one-click weight-reduction tool, among others.

[Source: Original press release]