Verywell Health announces the launch of its Health Divide editorial series, addressing health disparities faced by people of color. As part of an ongoing program, the current series, “Health Divide: Breast Cancer and Black Women,” aims to empower Black readers at the doctor’s office so they can achieve better health outcomes. 

“Breast Cancer statistics for Black women show poorer outcomes and higher mortality rates due to delayed diagnosis and treatment – which result from socioeconomic gaps and lack of access to quality care. We launched this series to spearhead overdue change, provide inclusive medical information and acknowledge the unique medical challenges faced by Black women.”

— Jessica Shepherd, MD, Verywell Health Chief Medical Officer and a board-certified OB/GYN

Features for the “Breast Cancer and Black Women” series provide Black readers with a compassionate outlet that caters to their specific needs, including a comprehensive educational overview curated by doctors on prevention, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Real patient stories from three Black women offer exclusive insights on living with the disease firsthand, and an “Ask the Expert” tool with Dr. Shepherd shares direct medical advice in a Q&A format. Commentary and patient experiences from the Health Divide series will also further inform Verywell Health’s current core content to enhance experiences for Black readers coming to the site for guidance and solutions.

Verywell Health collaborated with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), a private funder of breast cancer research, to help build Health Divide as a personal and authoritative health destination.

“BCRF has been key in connecting us with researchers and people living with breast cancer. Together, we’ve created a trustworthy series built on guidance where Black patients are a priority.”

— Sara Michael, Verywell Health General Manager

“Highlighting the voices of the Black community is critical in underscoring the unacceptable disparities in breast cancer outcomes. BCRF has long been committed to sharing these voices, including through our storytelling initiative, Research Is the Reason. We’re proud to partner with Verywell Health to shine light on these poignant and necessary stories.”

— Meghan Finn, BCRF Chief Communications and Engagement Officer

Verywell’s editorial team also worked with their Medical Review Board, led on this project by Dr. Shamard Charles, and its Anti-Bias Review Board, an internal panel that advises the creation of inclusive, sensitive and prejudice-free content. Each Health Divide series tackles a different condition.

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[Source(s): Verywell Health, PR Newswire]